Hedgehog Gutter Guard:

Traditionally, a gutter guard is fitted as a strip of meshed plastic inserted into the gutter, which helps to prevent the build up of leaves and roofing debris. Roofline Solutions however are registered stockists and installers of the award winning Hedgehog™ Gutter Guard, a much more effective method of keeping gutters clear that’s manufactured from polypropylene brush filaments cleverly spun around a stainless steel wire.

This gives the guard the appearance of a prickly hedgehog, hence the name, but allows the guard to better sit securely in place amongst your property’s guttering. Any risk of leaf clogging is significantly reduced, keeping your property’s roofline clear and presentable.

Benefits of a Hedgehog Gutter Guard:

The Hedgehog™ Gutter Guard system prevents the build up of moss, leaves, and gunk, alleviating the need for homeowners to climb ladders and call in costly professionals to clear blocked drains or downpipes.

They’re a one time purchase that only need to be checked twice a year or so, saving you a lot of hassle and stress in the long run.

hedgehog gutter guard

Product Options:

Hedgehog™ Gutter Guard is available in Black, White and Brown to suit most shapes and styles of guttering.