PVCu Soffit Boards:

Soffit boards refer to the material forming a ceiling from the top of an exterior house wall to the outer edge of the roof as seen below.

Benefits of a Soffit Board:
PVCu Soffits are nailed to the underside of the roof timbers prior to the installation of Fascias and Bargeboards. The soffit enhances the appearance of your Roofline by enclosing the ends of the roof rafters and assisting in weather protection.

Not every property has a soffit; some older properties have ‘Open Eaves’.


Product Options:
We are able to offer a large range of Swish Summit* PVCu Soffit boards in various sizes, styles and colours.

*Manufactured by Swish Building Products™
Our installations are covered by a 10 Year Guarantee for all materials and workmanship.


plain soffit

Thickness: 9mm
Height Range: 100mm-605mm


vented soffit board

Height Range:

Tongue & Groove

tongue and groove

Height Range:

Fully Guaranteed

Deposit protection and a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Your new PVCu products are virtually maintenance free.

Protect Your Property

Protecting your roofline all year round with high quality PCVu.

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PVCu rooflines are an affordable investment for your home.
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