4 ways to make your home more attractive to buyers by improving your roofline

Many homeowners are regularly looking for ways to increase their property value. Many often turn to grand scale renovations like new kitchens or extensions. However, when it comes to selling up, one of the most effective things you can do to increase your kerb appeal is invest in your roofline. First impressions are everything. Enhancing your home’s exterior is sure to make it a more marketable property. Here are just 4 ways of using your roofline to draw potential buyers in.

1.     Replace roofline which is damaged

If your fascia boards, soffits and guttering is all in top condition, your home will be a much more enticing prospect to buyers. Signs of roofline disrepair will include:

  • Cracks
  • Peeling paint
  • Holes

Holes in any part of your roofline can lead to major water issues, allowing rot to set into the roof’s timber. Also, gutter leaks can negatively impact the gutter’s ability for rainwater to flow away from the house.

By replacing faulty roofline, you can remove these issues both for yourself and your future buyers. People will be more likely to buy your home for the asking price if there are minimal repairs for them to do upon moving in.


2.     Install proper pest protection in your roofline

Your roofline can suffer damage if pests are allowed to infiltrate. Birds and squirrels often try to make homes in the eaves of houses. If animals are allowed to settle and make nests, the resulting breakages and water-logging could cause severe long-term problems. Having the pests removed can be a difficult process.

Needless to say, no buyer is going to make an offer on a home they deem to be pest-infested.  When replacing your fascias, we can install a bird prevention system. This is a length of plastic with comb-like prongs, which prevent birds from entering the roof space.

Bird protection system installed to prevent birds entering the roof cavity

3.     Install some decorative roofline products

It’s the little details that attract a buyer to a house. Therefore, a great way to increase kerb appeal is to invest in more unique decorative roofline. This could come in the form of:

  • Decorative bargeboards in a range of ornate designs
  • A roof spire
  • New corbels

Convex BargeboardRoof SpireCorbel





While they don’t necessarily directly increase the home’s value, their visual aesthetics help to put potential buyers in a positive frame of mind upon entering your home. These small details could be what gets you the deal you’re after.

Explore our range of decorative roofline products here.

White fascia and soffit with black gutter and downpipes

4.     Invest in coloured cladding

Cladding isn’t just for superior weather resistance and thermal insulation (if fitted with insulation). It’s also an opportunity to revitalise your home’s exterior appearance. As well as classic white, we also offer cladding in popular shades like moondust grey, cream, anthracite, black and rosewood.

Furthermore, if you opt for the woodgrain finishes of embossed uPVC cladding or Coastline composite cladding, your home can capture the appearance of authentic timber. This gives your home a charming, traditional feel, without causing you all the maintenance hassle of real wood. The beautiful, ornate grooves will be sure to attract any potential buyers.

Get more cladding colour inspiration here.

light grey embossed cladding (2)

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