5 top tips for choosing products for your gutter replacement project

hite ogee gutter, white fascia and white square downpipes

Gutters are an area of roofline and an important one for that matter. They are tasked with diverting water away from properties, which prevents them from becoming damaged in a number of ways. Over time, however, they will need replacing. But how do you decide which gutter products are the best replacements for your home? Here are 5 top tips for your gutter replacement projects…

1. Consider your requirements

When considering gutter replacement, it’s essential you think about what you actually require. Do you need your whole gutter system replacing, a single downpipe, or just the guttering that is located at the back of your home? By determining exactly what you require, it’s easier to find suitable products. Here at Roofline Solutions, we can replace full gutter systems and individual components, to suit individual requirements.

2. Speak to the experts

Our experienced surveyors and installers have replaced the gutters on all types of property so they can advise on the best products for the job.  As gutter specialists, we will also work with you to learn what it is you’re after and suggest products that are best suited to meeting your requirements.

3. Do I want uPVC or aluminium guttering?

uPVC and aluminium are two of the most regularly used materials for guttering. Therefore, it’s important to consider both options when looking to replace your gutters. Both are highly durable and easy to maintain, however, aluminium gutters tend to be more expensive.

For a full comparison of the two types of guttering, follow the link here for our comparison guide.

4. Styles and colours

Gutters are not available in a one-size-fits-all variety. Conversely, they come in a selection of different styles and colours to suit individual tastes. By learning about them, you’re more likely to find your preferred option.

Many of our customers try to match their guttering to that of the neighbouring properties. If you’d like to do the same, speak to our surveyor about the colour and style of their guttering.

5. Additional accessories

White uPVC gutter in Ogee styleOnce your gutters are replaced, they will inevitably begin to accumulate leaves, moss and other debris. This will need to be cleared at least once per year, for them to operate properly. However, you can help keep your gutters clear by having accessories fitted along with the new guttering.

A Hedgehog Gutter Guard, for example, sits in your guttering and utilises polypropylene brush filaments to prevent debris from building up in them. Leaf guards can also be fitted at the top of uPVC downpipes to prevent leaves and moss from blocking the downpipes.


Roofline Solutions Home Improvements are based in Farnham and provide a gutter replacement service across Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire. If you require advice for your gutter replacement project or require a professional gutter installation service, please call us on 01252 852 336 or contact us online.