6 reasons why not cleaning your guttering could become a nightmare

Though not the most glamourous aspect of home improvement, keeping your guttering neat and tidy is an essential method of retaining your property’s function and look. Think of it as a defensive barrier between you and all the natural elements the harsh weather can sometimes bring. Thankfully we at Roofline Solutions Home Improvements Ltd know a thing or two about keeping things in check, so to best assure that our customers never get caught out by poor guttering, here’s why it pays to take care of it.

1. Avoid any rodent, pest, and mould infestations

Though “out of sight, out of mind” for most people, a clogged up gutter can be a jamboree in waiting for any critters and rodents residing nearby. Most feed off any present moisture and mould, so a damp bed of leaves is an all-too tempting prospect. To avoid the potential of housing any unwanted lodgers a clean and clear gutter is essential, and it’ll reduce the possibility of them venturing elsewhere in the home.

2. Increased likelihood of damp build-up

We’ve already mentioned it briefly, but damp anywhere in the home is always a problem, and your roof’s guttering is no different. Obviously the main purpose of a gutter is to successfully filter out any unwanted water in the event of rainfall, so if it’s unable to do so damp is likely to arise eventually. Leaking gutters are the most common cause of damp in UK homes, having the potential to cause serious health problems for you and your family if untreated.

3. Cracks in your home’s foundation

Just as much as water, ice can prove a particular pest as foundation cracking proves. The problem occurs in the event that your guttering overflows to eventually pool along your property’s foundation. Any water that finds its way into your foundation could freeze and expand to eventually crack it, leaving your household worse for wear when the Winter months roll around.

4. Fascia and soffit board damaging

Both roofline elements that serve to aid your property’s guttering, fascia and soffit boards sit underneath and fit to the property’s trusses to keep it secure all year round. Should your gutter start to overflow with water, these boards won’t be able to take the weight and eventually break down. In the event of a downpour this simply will not do.

5. Garden bed overwatering

Avid gardeners will be weary of this one. If your gutters ever become clogged to the point that water begins to tip over the side, you’d better hope that any prized flowers or garden beds are situated directly underneath. Overwatering can cause just as much harm as not watering your plants enough, so a clear gutter should be kept to prevent this eventuality from occurring.

6. Costly repair services

Perhaps the ultimate reason for homeowners to avoid inadequate guttering, to fix any of the nightmare scenarios mentioned above would cost a great deal of time and money. The finances needed to rectify these issues are funds which could otherwise be invested in other aspects of home improvement, hopefully being enough to inspire you to keep the top of your home clear and clean.

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