7 benefits of adding Coastline composite cladding to your home

Coastline Composite Cladding 2Cladding is an excellent way to give your home a stylish façade, protect it from the weather and help your property to retain heat, if it is fitted in conjunction with insulation. Composite cladding is a more recent addition to the market, and here are 7 benefits of adding it to your home:

1. Beautiful, embossed woodgrain finish

Our Coastline composite cladding features an embossed finish that recreates the natural grained appearance of timber. This gives it a charming appearance and ensures it looks great, no matter where it’s fitted.

2. Easily satisfy your aesthetic requirements with 6 New England colours

Whatever colour preference you have, or whatever the colour of your property, with 6 New England colours to choose from, you should have little difficulty finding one that meets the style requirements of your South-East home. Choose from Oyster White, Taupe, Soft Green, Moondust Grey, Pigeon Blue and Anthracite Grey.Coastine Cladding Colours If you find that none of these colours are to your liking, however, we can spray it any RAL colour, giving you almost unlimited potential for the finish.

3. 10-year guarantee and through-colour technology

Coastline cladding comes guaranteed for 10 years as standard, although you can expect it to last for much longer. It also utilises what is known as through-colour technology. This means that your chosen colour is present throughout the cladding and not just coated on its surface.

4. Low maintenance composite cladding

Composite cladding can be maintained with the absolute minimum of upkeep; all it needs is the occasional clean with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth to look its best.

5. Outstanding eco-credentials

Not only is it built from sustainably sourced composite material, but it is also 100% recyclable, making it one of the most eco-friendly cladding solutions currently available.

6. BBA Certified

Composite cladding in brownOur composite cladding has been certified by the British Board of Agrément, which means that it has successfully demonstrated that it is of exceptional quality, and as such, it is highly regarded in the industry. Quite simply, it’s a high-quality cladding solution.

7. Fire-retardant

Coastline cladding has been tested to BS EN 13501-1, meaning that it is fire-retardant and offers excellent protection against the spread of fire.

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