What are the average gutter cleaning prices (and how to not get ripped off)

Blocked gutters are caused by leaves, moss and other debris falling into them. When they are blocked, there is a risk of damage occurring to the property. This is especially true during the colder months where blockages can expand, causing gutters to sag or come away from the property. Therefore, it’s important they’re kept clear. To keep them clear, you might consider hiring a company to clear them for you. But how can you avoid getting ripped off when doing so? As specialists in gutter clearance, we’ve created this post so you only pay what you should.

Average gutter cleaning prices

blocked guttering

Our price for gutter clearing starts from £60 plus VAT. However, every house is priced individually and the cost will vary depending on whether you’d like all the gutters clearing out or just some of them. Other factors that affect the cost include:

  • The footprint shape of the house. Specifically, the amount of bends/straight runs and the linear meterage that needs to be cleared.
  • The number of elevations.
  • Whether or not any access equipment is required. This is because access is sometimes blocked by an extension, conservatories, large foliage, a neighbouring property or something else.
  • If any gutters, joiners (or unions), or other fittings are in need of repair.

Cleaning the exterior of the gutters is an additional service. So if you want this part cleaned as well, it will cost you extra.

The risk of using non-specialist companies

There are some non-specialist companies that might offer gutter cleaning services (e.g. window cleaners). However, they are unlikely to have the equipment or expertise to carry out the work as well as a specialist company like Roofline Solutions. As this is not one of their regular services, it’s unlikely they’ll know how to price up the job properly too. Therefore, increasing the likelihood that you’ll be overcharged.

Another risk is that non-specialists could cause damage to your gutters or downpipes. At Roofline, we know how to remove parts of the gutters and downpipes to clear them and we ensure they are put back together again properly.

We use various cleaning options including a SkyVac system, which is an industrial vacuum cleaner. This is because it is the cleanest way to remove debris and can be used with extendable poles. This allows us to access harder-to-reach areas of the guttering without the need to hire access equipment.

How to reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning

hedgehog gutter guard You can reduce the build-up of debris in your gutter by having a Hedgehog Gutter Guard installed. This sits in your gutter and keeps leaves, moss, twigs and other material from accumulating in them. Therefore, reducing the frequency of paying for gutter clearing services. Leaf guards can also be fitted into the downpipes, which prevents debris from falling down them and blocking your underground drains. This is important to bear in mind because underground drains are expensive to remedy.

If you have moss on your roof, you might want to get this removed as well so there’s less of it to fall into your gutters and block them. We offer a moss removal service so can take care of this for you. If you have lots of trees overhanging your roof/gutters, trimming them back can also prevent leaves and twigs from falling into your rainwater system.

Keeping your gutters clear is essential for keeping your property in good health. So, if your gutters are blocked and you require a professional, cost-effective service to restore them back to working order, give us a call on 01252 852 336 or contact us online.