Composite, uPVC or Cedral fibre cement, which type of cladding is best for my home?

When it comes to making the exterior of a home appear more stylish, cladding is simply one of the best possible solutions available to you. In addition to enhancing your home’s exterior, it will provide protection from the weather and will help it to retain more heat, if fitted in conjunction with insulation. Here at Roofline Solutions, we offer three different types of cladding: composite, uPVC and fibre cement. So you can decide which is best for your home, we’ve created this short comparison guide.

Composite cladding

Designed to achieve minimal expansion and contraction, composite cladding will retain its quality over time. As it contains no organic material, it will also never absorb moisture and is immune to rot and insect damage. As it features a simple interlocking mechanism, we can fit it on your home quickly and efficiently. The less time spent installing it means the less time we need to spend on your property.

Not only has the composite material in use been sourced sustainably, but it’s also 100% recyclable. Therefore, it’s an excellent option for anyone who is looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Composite cladding is more traditional in appearance because of a beautiful, embossed woodgrain finish. This resembles the look of timber grain and ensures it looks very appealing. It comes in six New England colours, namely Moondust Grey, Oyster White, Pigeon Blue, Taupe, Soft Green & Anthracite Grey, so a variety of stylish facades can be achieved.

Coastline composite cladding

uPVC cladding

Resistant to discolouration, our uPVC cladding will maintain its finish even after continual UV exposure. It also will not flake, peel or rot, ensuring it will continue to look good year after year. uPVC can have a smooth or embossed finish so it resembles the appearance of timber. It also comes in a range of colours to suit most property designs. Choose from three different cladding styles: Shiplap, Open V (also called Tongue and Groove) and Feather Edge.

white shiplap cladding

Cedral fibre cement weatherboard

Like the other types of cladding, it is immune to rotting and insect attacks. It’s built to endure the harshest of weather conditions for an incredibly long time; Cedral fibre cement cladding is expected to last for 50 years! Choose from a contemporary flat cladding style or a slightly overlapping one, to suit modern and traditional homes alike.

It comes in 23 unique colours, which are applied in either a smooth or woodgrain finish. With so many finishing options to choose from, it’s possible to create a variety of different looks for the home.

Grey Cedral fibre cement Cladding

It’s worth mentioning that all of our cladding solutions can be maintained with ease. Simply give them the odd wipe using soapy water and a soft cloth and they’ll continue to look great.

Have you managed to decide which type of cladding is right for your home? If so, give Roofline Solutions a call on 01252 852 336 or contact us online and arrange for us to fit it on your home today!