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Are your roof tiles missing or damaged? Roofline Solutions can help!

Although we are well known for our ability to restore the area just below the roof (the roofline), if your roof tiles are missing or damaged, we can help you... Read more

Glossary of Roofline Terms

As there are so many different roofline terms, your average homeowner is not likely to know them all. So, if you’d like to learn what over fascia ventilation means, what... Read more

What is a rainwater hopper?

Traditionally, rainwater hoppers, which are also known by the term ‘hopper head’, sit at the top of the drainpipe and their purpose is to increase water flow during periods of... Read more

How are gutter and fascia lengths joined together

When replacing fascia boards or gutters, it makes sense to do both at the same time. This is because the gutters are attached to the fascia boards so they need... Read more

What configurations for guttering and downpipes are there?

Not many people are aware that there are several configurations for guttering and downpipes. The different configurations are necessary for ensuring that water can be safely diverted away from all... Read more

Box end construction for fascias, soffits and gutters explained

The box end construction for fascias, soffits and gutters is located on the corners of a property’s gable end. Its purpose is to connect fascias and soffits on the non-gable... Read more

Why choose Roofline Solutions – the drawbacks of employing the services of people that canvas door to door for work

If you’ve ever been offered roofline products and services by installers who go from door to door, you might have been tempted to take them up on their offer. Some... Read more

Contemporary roofline and cladding makeover ideas

Are you toying with the idea of modernising your home? Perhaps you live in an older property and want to make it look more contemporary, or maybe your home is... Read more

How many downpipes do I need?

The number of downpipes you need will depend on the size of your roof and your chosen style of guttering. This is because larger roofs require bigger volumes of water... Read more

How do you know if your flat/felt roof needs replacing?

Flat or felt roofed structures are a common feature of many UK properties. If your house was built in the 1960s or 70s, for example, there’s a good chance it... Read more

Decorative product ideas to visually enhance your roofline

Although we’re mostly known for our excellent range of practical roofline products & services, we also install a variety of stylish ones too. Therefore, giving you the opportunity to improve... Read more

What style of guttering do I need?

The right guttering style for your home will depend on these main factors: The size of your roof – the larger your roof, the more water your gutters will need... Read more

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No matter the location, Roofline Solutions always delivers for its customers. Whether we’re keeping things local in towns like Fleet, Farnham or Farnborough, or travelling further afield, our customers are guaranteed exceptional quality every time. Our rating of 9.8/10 on Checkatrade.com is conclusive evidence of this.