How our cast iron effect guttering is the obvious choice to achieve a period look

uPVC Cast Iron effect guttersIf you live in a period home and you need to replace your gutters, it’s important the replacement system is sympathetic to its heritage look. With that in mind, our cast iron effect guttering is exactly what is required. However, because it’s constructed from high-quality uPVC, you can expect modern levels of performance in addition to that period look.

The origins of cast iron gutters

Cast iron gutters have been around since the 18th century and eventually superseded lead as the most popular gutter material in the 19th century. Very strong and non-porous, they could, and still can today, be attached directly to the fascia boards. They’re still used in various heritage applications thanks to their authentic appearance.

However, our uPVC cast iron effect guttering system replicates the real thing incredibly well, not only in shape and style but in texture too. But looks are only one important consideration and there’s plenty of other reasons to consider our uPVC system instead…

Why you should consider cast iron effect gutters over the real thing

  • Cast iron gutters are more expensive than uPVC rainwater systems so you can save yourself considerable expense.
  • Over time, cast iron guttering will rust. So, to keep it looking it’s best, it will require redecorating periodically. uPVC, on the other hand, will not rust and it can be cleaned very easily so uPVC gutters will save you time performing any maintenance.
  • Although they look great, cast iron gutters are very heavy, whereas uPVC is a lightweight alternative.

uPVC cast iron effect guttering from Roofline Solutions

Constructed from an estimated 84% of recycled material, our cast iron effect uPVC gutters are an excellent choice for any homeowner who wants to have a positive impact on the environment. Available in both Half-round and Ogee gutter styles – the two most common styles of cast iron guttering – you can enjoy a traditional look without relying upon traditional gutter materials. If you’re interested in them for your property, give Roofline Solutions a call on 01252 852 336 or contact us online.