Cladding style ideas for your home

Fitted onto the outside of the home, cladding is an excellent way to visually enhance your property’s exterior and protect it from the best and worst of the British weather. Here at Roofline Solutions, we fit an impressive variety of cladding products, allowing a variety of exterior facades to be achieved. So you’re able to find the right cladding option for your home, we’ve created this short blog.

uPVC cladding

Our uPVC cladding is available in three different styles: Shiplap, Open Vee and Featheredge.

Shiplap cladding

uPVC Shiplap CladdingOriginally used to clad the sides of ships (hence the name), shiplap cladding is the traditional choice of cladding. Although, it features clean lines which makes it an excellent choice for modern homes too. As the cladding boards fit together beneath the surface, shiplap cladding does not protrude from the wall. The bottom edges that are visible are also squared off.

It’s available in 7 standard colours: White, Cream, Rosewood, Mahogany, Light Oak, Anthracite Grey and Black. However, if none of these colours is to your liking, we can also spray it any RAL colour. It’s also important to point out that this style of cladding can be fitted vertically as well as horizontally.

Our uPVC shiplap cladding is also available with an embossed finish (pictured below). This gives it a grain appearance, making it look much more similar to timber cladding, although it has all the performance benefits of high-quality uPVC.

uPVC Shiplap Embossed Cladding

Embossed feather edge cladding

We can also fit featheredge style cladding which comes with an embossed finish. This type of cladding follows the same design principles as traditional timber cladding; it features straight edges, a round bottom edge and a slight vertical overlap. So, when fitted to your home, it will give it a more traditional feel.

Our embossed uPVC cladding options come in 9 standard colour options including Cream, Slate Grey and Mocha Brown along with any RAL colour.

Open vee cladding

Rosewood Open Vee Cladding completed installation in Old BasingAs the name suggests, Open Vee cladding is known for its unique open v appearance. It has a symmetrical V groove between each profile, making the joints appear sharper. When fitted to the exterior of your home, it will give it a more contemporary look.

Like our uPVC shiplap cladding, it can be installed vertically, horizontally and diagonally. We should also point out that our uPVC shiplap and open vee cladding are commonly used for soffit boards when they have a smooth finish too.

Coastline composite cladding

Coastline® CompositeOur coastline composite cladding features a premium embossed finish, which resembles the natural appearance of wood. The individual panels are then designed to fit together in the same way as timber panels do, so it resembles timber cladding more authentically. It also comes in six distinctive New England colours so a variety of looks can be achieved.

Managed to find a style of cladding that you think would be perfect for your home? We offer expert replacement & installation of our premium cladding products. Why not get a free quote from us at Roofline Solutions. You can do so over the phone by calling 01252 852 336 or by contacting us online.