Contemporary roofline and cladding makeover ideas

Are you toying with the idea of modernising your home? Perhaps you live in an older property and want to make it look more contemporary, or maybe your home is modern in style and you just need some replacement cladding or roofline. Either way, our contemporary roofline and cladding makeover ideas can help.

Seamless aluminium gutters

Seamless Aluminium guttersNothing oozes with chic, modern charm quite like the sleek appearance of aluminium. This makes our seamless aluminium gutters the perfect contemporary roofline solution. With a life expectancy of more than 30 years, it’s one of the most durable too. Also, because it has a large rainwater capacity, it’s often used on properties with sizable roof areas, such as detached properties, new developments and commercial installations.

It comes pre-coated on both sides with a long-lasting finish and you’ve got a choice of either black, white, grey, brown or anthracite.

Square uPVC gutters and downpipes

Square white gutterThe sharp, angular lines of square gutters give them a distinctively modern look. For this reason, they’re often the gutter of choice for contemporary and New Build homes. For an authentically modern appearance, a stunning Anthracite Grey finish is the perfect choice of colour for them.

The uPVC material that they’re built from is designed to retain its colour and shape for years and with the minimum of upkeep too.

uPVC Open Vee cladding

Rosewood Open Vee Cladding completed installation in Old BasingOpen Vee cladding features a symmetrical V groove between each board, which makes individual joints appear bolder. This sharp and striking aesthetic gives the cladding a modern edge. We recommend white or black for the colour as both options are on-trend right now.

With uPVC Open Vee cladding, you can also enjoy a long-lasting, protective weather barrier for your home that can be maintained with absolute ease.

Are you interested in any of our contemporary roofline and cladding ideas for your home? We offer expert replacement & installation of our premium cladding products. For more information on them or for a free quote, get in touch with us today on 01252 852 336 or send an email to

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