Decorative product ideas to visually enhance your roofline

Although we’re mostly known for our excellent range of practical roofline products & services, we also install a variety of stylish ones too. Therefore, giving you the opportunity to improve your home’s visual appeal along with its performance. Check out this list of decorative product ideas and start thinking of how you can visually enhance your roofline.

Roof spires and finials

Roof SpireYou can embellish the gable-end of your home with a smart-looking roof spire or finial. Finials sit in the centre of the apex and provide an ornamental feature to this area of the roof. They’ve been used since the Classical Greek period so they complement traditional architecture very well.

Bracing bars

Bracing BarsBracing bars are horizontal bars that also sit at the gable end of a property. Originally, they were used to stop the two sides of a gable roof from spreading apart, although ours are purely for aesthetic purposes. They are particularly effective when used in conjunction with a roof spire or finial, giving the gable end of the property another stylish dimension.

Corbels and dentil mouldings

Door canopy in white uPVC fitted over a door with dentil mouldings underneathDespite appearing to support the roof, corbels and dentil mouldings do not provide any structural support. However, they can add a decorative element to the underside of roof areas. Corbels are thicker than dentil mouldings and were common features of medieval architecture so they’re especially good for adding a classic touch. Both are commonly found under the main roof.

Decorative bargeboards

Decorative bargeboard and spire installationA set of decorative bargeboards is another great way to add a stylish feature to your property’s gable end. Choose from concave and convex variations, depending on which you like the look of most. Concave bargeboards have an inward curving design, whilst convex bargeboards have an outward curving one.

Like our other fascia boards, they’re built from uPVC. This means they’re easy to maintain and highly durable so you can expect them to last with very little upkeep.

We can apply any RAL colour to our decorative products

We can spray the decorative products outlined above in any RAL colour of your choosing, so there are virtually no limits when it comes to the finish. Therefore, we make it easy to match or stand out from your property’s existing features.

If any of our decorative product ideas have taken your interest and you’d like to receive a quote from us to fit them to your home, please call us on 01252 852 336 or contact us online.