Do eaves need to be vented?

Under current UK Building Regulations, all new roofs should be ventilated adequately to prevent condensation from forming in the roof space. When condensation forms, rot and the growth of mould are encouraged, leading to potential damage to the roof and health problems for the inhabitants. Ventilation to the roof is provided via vented soffits or over fascia vents. But you may be wondering whether or not they’re always required.

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Do soffits need to be vented?

The answer to this is, simply, that it depends. Approved Document F, which covers ventilation requirements for buildings in the UK, states that all newly built properties must have continuous ventilation at eaves level. Therefore, eaves ventilation must be provided via vented soffits or over-fascia ventilation. The chosen method will be the one that best suits the property.

Vented soffits or over fascia vents are not required on properties that were built prior to the Building Regulations coming into enforcement or those that were originally constructed without ventilation.

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Over-fascia ventilation

Over fascia ventilation diagram For this method, a small vent with an airgap of either 10mm or 25mm is fitted over the top of the fascia boards so air can flow in and out of the roof. The size of the vent is determined by the size and pitch of the roof.

Here at Roofline, over-fascia ventilation is our preferred method for ventilating roof spaces because the vents are concealed under the tiles. Plus, vented soffits can accumulate dust and debris, meaning they require more maintenance and are more difficult to keep clean.

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Eaves ventilation from Roofline Solutions Home Improvements Ltd

Roofline Solutions Home Improvements Ltd supplies and installs vented and non-vented soffit boards that are constructed from high-grade PVCu. Low maintenance and extremely durable, as evidenced by their 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, they will not warp or rot after continual weather exposure. Suitable for all types of property thanks to a range of styles and colour options, our vented soffit boards are available with either a 10mm or 25mm air path, depending on your home’s ventilation requirements.

For more information on how to keep your roofline adequately ventilated or if you’re interested in our other products and services, contact Roofline Solutions Home Improvements Ltd today.

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