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Roofline Replacement

When should you replace fascias and soffits?

There are a number of signs that are a good indicator you should consider replacing your fascias and soffits. This includes cracks and broken sections, peeling paint and whether or not you’ve noticed any pests in your roof space. If you’ve detected any of these issues, we recommend performing an additional investigation to determine the extent of the damage and whether replacements or repairs are necessary. We can perform both.

What issues are caused by blocked gutters/downpipes?

Clogged gutters or downpipes can potentially cause rot to wooden fascias and damage to mortar and brickwork. Blockages may also cause water ingress through your property’s brickwork, which could eventually create damp issues if left untreated.

What finishes are available on roofline products?

uPVC fascias and soffits are available in a variety of colours and in both smooth and grained finishes. uPVC gutters and downpipes come in a selection of colours too, including cast iron effect which is textured. Our sectional aluminium gutters are available in matt, gloss, satin and leatherette finishes in an array of colours. We also offer aluminium seamless gutters for a smooth, sleek finish.

What is the best method for ventilating a roof?

To comply with building regulations, all newly built properties must have continuous ventilation at eaves level to avoid damp and condensation within the roof void. However, this is not essential on properties that predate the building regulations or were originally constructed without ventilation. We recommend that adequate ventilation is provided on all refurbishment projects regardless of the age of the property. Our experienced surveyor will discuss your ventilation requirements at the appointment and advise whether ‘Ventilated Soffit’ or ‘Over Fascia Ventilation’ will best suit your home.

What is an eaves protection system?

Also known as EPS, eaves protection system is a rigid uPVC sheet which is fixed under the eaves course of tiles to give support to the roofing membrane and prevent it from sagging. It can be fitted with new fascias or retrospectively as a standalone service, as can new roofing felt. Your tiles and roof style indicate which item is most appropriate to suit your home.

Does it make sense to replace your roofline before your windows?

Yes, it does. This is to prevent any debris from your old fascias and soffits dropping onto new silicone and windowsills, and any damage occurring. We can liaise with your chosen contractor to schedule in your works. In fact, most of the local firms are friends and customers.

Gutter Clearing

How often should gutters be cleared?

We recommend that gutters should be cleared at least once per year. However, if your home is surrounded by trees or other overhanging foliage, leaves and other organic material will build-up in your gutters at a faster rate so more regular clearance is recommended.

Can I use a leaf blower to clear gutters?

We do not recommend using a leaf blower to clear your gutters. Although they can be quite effective for removing looser residue, albeit very messily sometimes, leaf blowers can easily force any debris into your downpipes, clogging them in the process. As a lot of the gutter debris is likely to be wet and sticky, a leaf blower is also unlikely to fully clear the gutters.

How often should a Hedgehog Gutter Brush be checked?

You should check how a Hedgehog Gutter Brush is faring twice a year, clearing any significant build of debris if one is present.

Why does my gutter leak constantly?

Your gutter might be leaking for many reasons, such as:

  • It may be full of moss and debris. We recommend an annual check, paying particular attention to any downpipe bends or joints between neighbouring properties
  • If it’s clear and still leaks it may not have a high enough capacity for the volume of rain which it is being faced with.
  • The seals between lengths and corners may have perished.
  • The gutter may simply not have enough of a fall towards the downpipes.

Whatever the problem our experienced surveyors will diagnose your gutter and offer suggestions and improvements wherever possible to protect your home from the unpredictable British weather.

Other Services

What is the cost for flat roof replacement?

Flat roof replacement is costed based on the size of the roof and the type of roof used. Although there is no standard price to replace a flat roof, a general rule is that EPDM rubber roofing tends to be more expensive than torch-on felt roofing.

Can moss damage my roof tiles?

Moss will not damage your roof tiles on its own. However, moss does hold water, which can potentially freeze and cause cracks to occur in the mortar.

Will replacing my cladding make my home more efficient?

Cladding on its own is not designed to insulate properties, however, when insulation is fitted behind it, this will enhance the thermal efficiency of your home. If your current cladding is old and tired looking then replacing it with new insulation behind it will almost certainly make it more efficient. And the more efficient your home is, the less it will cost to heat. Replacing old, tired cladding will also improve the outside appearance of the home and provide it with protection from the weather.

Does the appearance of the roofline affect kerbside appeal?

Kerbside appeal is the term used to describe the impression of the exterior of your house when walking past it. If your roofline is in a state of disrepair, it will be the first thing people will notice, meaning it has a direct effect on kerbside appeal. Therefore, to maximise the appearance of your home, your roofline needs to look its best.

What is that noise coming from my roof?

A noise coming from your roof might be caused by a number of things, including:

  • A loose tile or section of lead flapping, either of which can create an entry point for rainwater if left unattended.
  • The felt under your eaves tiles has been left a little long and is flapping in the wind.
  • A loose gutter or downpipe bracket could be causing a knocking sound.

Fascias & Soffits

Is uPVC environmentally-friendly?

Yes it is. Aside from being recyclable up to ten times, it’s extremely durable so its carbon footprint is very low. The use of eco-friendly products is part of our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Do soffits need to be vented?

Under current UK Building Regulations, ventilation at eaves level is a requirement in all newly built properties. Unless you have over fascia ventilation fitted, ventilation at this level must be provided via the soffit boards. Neither form of ventilation is required for properties that were built before these Building Regulations came into enforcement. However, air should be able to flow in and out of the roof area otherwise condensation will form, which can eventually lead to rot and mould.

Can I have just the soffits or fascias replaced?

In theory, these can be replaced individually, however, we wouldn’t recommend this as it makes more sense to replace them at the same time. This is because they are all attached to one another. So, if you have new fascias fitted and subsequently want the soffits replaced, we will have to remove the new fascia, which can cause damage to it meaning it needs replacing again. Just replacing all the soffits on your property and leaving the existing fascia and gutter is difficult to do and often involves changing the fascia in any case. Please call us for free, friendly advice as each home needs to be assessed individually.

Is there a difference between fascias and bargeboards?

They are essentially the same thing, although they are used in different ways. Whereas fascia boards sit behind the gutters and run horizontally, bargeboards are located at the gable-end of a property and run diagonally.


Will replacing cladding add value to my property?

Tired looking cladding will almost certainly affect a buyer’s view of your home in a negative way, which might lead to a devaluation of your property. Whereas, a smart exterior gives the impression that your home has been well taken care of. This is an appealing prospect for any potential buyers and is likely to make your home appear more valuable in their eyes.

How do I choose the right cladding option for my home?

Every cladding solution from us requires minimal upkeep and is designed to provide your home with a stylish, weather resistant and durable façade. Determining which option is best for you, however, might be the one that is most complimentary to your existing architecture. It’s also worth considering which one best fits within your budget.

Does cladding replacement come with a guarantee?

10 year installation guarantees are available from Roofline Solutions Home Improvements Ltd. For cladding installations that qualify for this guarantee, get in touch with us for more information.

Which cladding option is the most sustainable?

In terms of sustainability, there is no clear winner amongst our cladding solutions. Our uPVC cladding has received BES6001 certification as evidence that it is responsibly sourced. It’s also fully recyclable and can last up to 60 years. Coastline cladding is constructed from sustainably sourced composite material that is also 100% recyclable, so it’s also remarkably eco-friendly.

What is the cost of cladding?

The price to clad a home will depend on numerous factors, including the type of cladding, the amount that is required and the amount of preparation that’s needed. Additionally, ease of access to the property also has an effect on pricing. As there are so many factors affecting price, there is no standard cost for cladding a home.

What is Coastline composite cladding?

Coastline composite cladding is a sustainably sourced, lightweight cladding solution that is suitable for any application. Its features include a woodgrain finish so it looks just as good as natural timber, minimal expansion and contraction and exceptional resistance to the weather. It also has a simple interlocking mechanism so it can be fitted quickly and we can minimise the amount of disruption to your everyday life.

Guttering & Downpipes

What is cast-iron effect uPVC guttering?

Cast-iron effect uPVC gutters are designed to look just as good as real cast-iron gutters but they are lighter in weight and will not rust. This uPVC system is low maintenance, robust and designed to withstand the best and worst of the British weather, making them the perfect replacement for traditional cast-iron guttering.

What is the difference between gutter styles?

Aside from differing in appearance, the style of gutter has an impact on the amount of water that is able to be diverted. For example, round gutters offer the lowest water flow rate and they are suitable for most domestic properties. Whereas, Deepflow and Ogee gutters can carry more water so are ideal for use on bigger roof sizes, such as those on commercial properties or large, detached homes.

How often should I clear my gutters?

We recommend you clear your gutters at least once a year but should aim to clear them twice if you can. However, gutter clearing can be messy and time-consuming so if you’d rather not do it yourself, you should consider our professional gutter clearing service.

Can gutters be attached to a rainwater harvesting system?

Yes, they can. When fitting new downpipes, the Roofline Solutions Home Improvements team can install them so they feed into a single water butt or several of them. This is part of our commitment to sustainability.

My downpipes keep getting blocked. How can I stop this from happening?

Balloon leaf traps can easily be fitted into them, which will prevent your downpipes from becoming blocked.

What is the difference between a soil pipe and rainwater pipe?

A rainwater pipe, also known as a downpipe, takes water from your gutter down to the drainage system. Whereas, a soil pipe takes waste away from your home.

Seamless aluminium guttering

What are the benefits of seamless aluminium guttering?

Aluminium seamless guttering is strong, sustainable and has a life expectancy of over 30yrs, accredited by the BBA. As we extrude it on site to the exact measurements of your property, there is no wastage. All of the fixing brackets are inside the gutter and this gives a beautiful, uncluttered sleek finish.

Can aluminium gutters be used with balloon leaf traps?

All of our seamless aluminium gutter outlets (where the water goes into the downpipe) have a built-in leaf trap, which is a great way to prevent leaves from accumulating in the downpipes.

Do aluminium seamless gutters expand and contract like uPVC?

Seamless aluminium gutter does expand and contract like uPVC but not as much. They’re designed to allow for movement at each joint in accordance with changes in temperature without breaking the joint seal.

What are seamless gutters?

Standard gutters come in 4m lengths. Seamless aluminium gutters, however, are continuous gutters which can be extruded in lengths of up to 30m. This means that there are no joins in a single run. At corners or angles, there are pre-moulded fittings to fix lengths together. Seamless aluminium gutters also have internal brackets which you cannot see from the ground, giving an unbroken appearance to your roofline.

Decorative products

What is the difference between concave and convex bargeboards?

Concave is a term used to describe a surface that curves inward or is thinner in the middle than on the edges. The term convex, however, describes a surface that curves outward or is thicker in the middle than on the edges. Therefore, concave bargeboards feature an inward curve but convex bargeboards have an outward one.

What are roof spires and finials?

A roof spire or finial is a piece of architecture that is used to emphasise the apex of a gable. They’ve been used since the Classical Greek period and are fitted in the centre of the apex of a gable roof.

Will adorning my roofline with decorative products add value to my property?

Adding one or more decorative products to the roofline will undoubtedly make your property more visually appealing. This can be useful if looking to sell your property. Even though it won’t directly increase its value, it can help to put potential buyers in a positive frame of mind upon entering your home, which might help you to sell it.

Do dentil mouldings provide a supporting function?

No, dentil mouldings do not have a supporting function. They are purely used for aesthetic purposes. Therefore, they are not suitable for use in areas where additional structural support is required.

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Polite and friendly engineer. He worked very efficiently and tidily. He then checked all the gutters and made recommendations of further work at my request.
  • Product / Service: Gutter repairs & maintenance
  • Overall Rating: 10/10
  • Location of Installation: Fleet
1st class job from quote to survey to installation. The install team (brothers Barry + Neil) were amongst the best "tradespeople" ever at the house.
  • Product / Service: uPVC fascias & soffits & Guttering
  • Overall Rating: 10/10
  • Location of Installation: Camberley
Courteous, reliable, helpful and tidy. Second time I have used Roofline and see no reason to use any other company. I am really pleased to have found a business like this as I feel that I can rely on them.
  • Product / Service: Repair services
  • Overall Rating: 10/10
  • Location of Installation: Fleet
Efficient service is given from the quote stage to delivering the new gutter. Installation was quick by polite workmen.
  • Product / Service: Gutter replacement
  • Overall Rating: 10/10
  • Location of Installation: Hook
Very friendly, helpful and responsive company. All works completed quickly with no mess.
  • Product / Service: Gutter clearing
  • Overall Rating: 10/10
  • Location of Installation: Farnborough
A fabulous service, my roof was cleared of moss by hand. Tiles were checked and replaced if necessary.
  • Product / Service: Moss clearance, Gutter maintenance
  • Overall Rating: 10/10
  • Location of Installation: Basingstoke
The whole job from preliminary inspection to tidying up was completed in a thoroughly professional manner.
  • Product / Service: Fascias & Cladding
  • Overall Rating: 10/10
  • Location of Installation: Fleet
Overall a highly professional service - from initial enquiry, survey, quotation, pre-execution and on time work completion
  • Product / Service: Guttering
  • Overall Rating: 10/10
  • Location of Installation: Thatcham
Fantastic from start to finish. The salesmen are friendly and not pushy. The works finished to excellent results.
  • Product / Service: Guttering, Fascias & Soffits
  • Overall Rating: 10/10
  • Location of Installation: Aldershot
Replacement of fascias and soffits and guttering, great work. They arrived on time and were very polite and kept everything tidy. Very helpful.
  • Product / Service: Fascias and Soffits
  • Overall Rating: 10/10
  • Location of Installation: Bournemouth
This company has been a delight. Excellent service from first survey through to installation and follow up snagging. Very polite and courteous including office staff.
  • Product / Service: Guttering, replacement soffits & bargeboards
  • Overall Rating: 10/10
  • Location of Installation: Fleet, Hampshire
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