Black soffit and fascia and 4 other colour combinations for fascia and soffit boards

Fascias and soffits cover the ends of your rafters, protecting them and your roof cavity from the weather. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t look good whilst doing so. One highly appealing colour combination for them is black soffit and fascia boards. However, there’s plenty of other options available and we’ve listed a few of them, so you have some inspiration for the looks you can achieve.

We have also created a video, which you can view via the link here.

Black soffit and fascia

Black soffit and fasciaThe colour black has long been associated with elegance, so if you’re looking to give your fascias and soffits a more refined appearance, black on black is just the colour combination you’re looking for.

White soffit and fascia

White Fascia White Soffit White Aluminium Seamless Guttering Our most popular option, the combination of white soffit and fascia is suitable for virtually any home. White gives off a clean, fresh look and blends nicely with any architectural features of a property. As many homes are already fitted with white soffits and fascia boards, this combination is often used as a like for like replacement.

Black fascia and white soffit

Black Fascia White Soffit Black Seamless Aluminium Gutters

Combining a black fascia with a white soffit is an excellent two-tone look which creates a contrasting effect. If the exterior of your home features timber framing sitting on a white backdrop, this combination is the perfect match for it. However, it works very well with black gutters too. You can even choose to swap the colours around if you prefer and still create a contrasting effect.

Chartwell Green fascia and soffit

Chartwell Green Fascia & Soffit

Chartwell Green has become more popular in recent years and with good reason; it’s the perfect complement to any traditionally styled properties, including rural cottages and period homes. Lighter than a conventional green by some way, it has a serene appearance that you can use to symbolise a harmonious home.

Rosewood fascia and soffit

Rosewood Fascia Rosewood Soffit Brown Square Gutter brown square downpipesAnother excellent option if you’re trying to give your home a more traditional look is Rosewood fascias and soffits. When applied to uPVC fascias and soffits, the Rosewood finish gives them a timber-like aesthetic that exudes class, but without the added upkeep of genuine timber versions.

If none of those colour combinations takes your fancy, don’t worry! Roofline Solutions offer a variety of shades for our fascia and soffit boards which you can mix and match as you wish. For more colour options, please give us a call on 01252 852 336 or contact us online.