What is the fastest way to clean gutters?

blocked guttering
Cleaning gutters are essential for keeping a home’s roofline in proper working order. However, finding enough spare time to clean them is not always possible. Therefore, it can be useful to know the fastest method for cleaning guttering. So, to help you find the quickest method, we’ve had a closer look at a number of methods for cleaning them.

What methods are there for cleaning gutters?

Cleaning gutters by hand

This method is certainly not the quickest method for cleaning them and it’s also very labour intensive. If you’re squeamish, it’s unlikely you will enjoy handling any dead residue residing in your guttering either. However, if you’re thorough, this method can be very effective. It also doesn’t require any specialist equipment.

Using a leaf blower to clean gutters

Some leaf blowers come with a special attachment that allows you to narrow the flow of air. The air pressure generated by this should do a decent job clearing out some of the looser residue relatively quickly. However, a lot of the debris in your gutters is likely to be sticky and, therefore, difficult to remove. Because of this reason, the effectiveness of a leaf blower for clearing out gutters is limited. Plus, using a leaf blower might also push any gutter muck into your downpipes, potentially blocking them. Using a leaf blower is also very messy and will blow leaves and debris all over your roof and/or the ground.

The risk of working at height

Regardless of the chosen method, if you decide to clear the gutters yourself, you will inevitably end up working at height. Working at height comes with considerable risk; any fall from a ladder tends to result in a serious injury. In fact, over the last 5 years, falls from height have accounted for 26% of all fatal injuries caused to workers in the UK. Even if you live in a bungalow, a fall from one storey can still result in a broken bone. Can you really afford to take the time of work to let an injury heal? Or, is it really worth running the risk of something worse happening? Let Roofline Solutions take care of the work for you. Our SkyVac can be operated from ground level so our service is exceptionally efficient.  We do use ladders at certain times where access is tricky or where we need to clear the downpipes.

What is the fastest way to clean gutters?

Quite simply, the fastest way to clean gutters is to hire the professionals, like us at Roofline Solutions. When performing our gutter clearing service, we use a large industrial hoover, called the SkyVac high-reach vacuum clearing system. This allows leaves, moss and other debris that has accumulated to be removed significantly quicker than any other method. Because of its suction power, any tough residue is also able to be removed, resulting in beautifully clear guttering systems.


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