How do you know if your flat/felt roof needs replacing?

Flat or felt roofed structures are a common feature of many UK properties. If your house was built in the 1960s or 70s, for example, there’s a good chance it has a flat-roofed garage. The roofing felt they are fitted with can last over 30 years provided it is properly installed and of good quality. However, many are unable to last for even half as long as this.

Spotting signs of damage on a flat/felt roof can be difficult for the untrained eye. Therefore, it’s worth getting an expert in if to tell you if it’s nearing the end of its lifespan. As experts on flat roof replacement, we’ve also listed some tell-tale signs which should help you determine whether yours needs replacing:

Leaks or water ingress

You may find puddles where water has been dripping through the roof or damp patches on the ceiling.  Water may also be dripping through any ceiling fixtures, such as lighting. You may also notice stains on the ceiling, caused by water ingress.

Big bubbles & blisters

If there are areas on the roofing felt that resemble a bubble or blister, the adhesion of the roof has failed, causing air or water to become trapped. It’s possible to for these to be repaired provided they’re found sooner rather than later, but if large bubbles are present, it’s time to get the professionals in for a replacement.

Significant splits & cracks

before and after felt roof replacementSplits and cracks in the roofing felt leave the chipboard or plyboard underneath exposed to weather and water which can eventually cause them to rot away. This can cause the roof’s surface to become uneven and, in severe cases, make it dangerous to walk on. In either scenario, the felt roof will no longer be able to perform at its best.

Masses of moss, lichens or algae

Any moss, lichens or algae is often an indication that there is too much water being retained on the flat roof, which as we mentioned earlier, can cause severe damage to the roof over time. Whilst it may not always be necessary to repair a roof that has organic growth on it (it may be a sign that more regular upkeep is needed), it’s important to detect it early to see if it’s a sign of a more significant issue.

Here at Roofline Solutions, we provide a moss removal service along with flat roof replacement so we can rectify either issue.

A poor installation

Felt Roof During installationThere are some obvious signs of a poorly installed flat roof such as the roof not being correctly chased into adjoining walls and sealed correctly on upstands. If these issues are present, there is a big risk that your roof won’t be watertight. These problems will need to be resolved quickly in order to prevent significant water damage.

If you’re looking for flat roof replacement, Roofline Solutions can help. Our torch-on felt roofing is highly resistant to damage from UV rays and cracking. It’s also available in a selection of colours to suit aesthetic requirements. To arrange an appointment for us to replace your flat roof or to learn about our other products and services, call 01252 852 336 or contact us online.