What configurations for guttering and downpipes are there?

Not many people are aware that there are several configurations for guttering and downpipes. The different configurations are necessary for ensuring that water can be safely diverted away from all the areas on a property. To give you an idea of what these configurations are, we’ve created this informative blog.

Downpipe shoe

Downpipe shoes are fitted to the bottom end of any rainwater pipes that are not connected to the property’s drainage system or a soakaway. This ensures that water in any downpipes flows away from the property wall, helping to prevent water damage occurring to the property.

Swan neck for gutters

White ogee gutter and square downpipeA swan neck is used to connect the downpipes that run along the wall of a property with those in front of the fascia boards. They consist of two 112° offset bends and run underneath the soffits.

112° offset bend

122 degree offset bendThese angular bends have a small downpipe that has been cut to size running between them. This creates the swan neck. They utilise what is known as a push-fit connection, which ensures they can easily be taken apart later for cleaning.

92.5° offset bend

92.5 degree offset bendIf there is a deep soffit in place, a single 92.5° offset bend is often used instead of two 112° offset bends. The downpipe running in front of the fascia boards fits into the top end of the 92.5° bend. Plus, there is a spigot at the bottom end of it which is then fitted inside another downpipe. Because of the 92.5° angle, the pipe has a slight bend in it so water can run through it.

Straight push fit connections

If there is a straight drop from the gutters to the ground, there is no need to fit a swan neck or a 92.5° offset bend. In these cases, a straight push fit connection will be fitted to the neck of the outlet on the gutter, connecting them to the downpipes.

What is a push fit connection?

A push fit connection is used to connect pieces of gutters and downpipes with each another and various offset bends. This type of connection requires no adhesives, and the pieces are simply pushed together to secure them, hence the name.

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