What a Hedgehog Gutter Brush can keep out of your gutter (it’s not Hedgehogs)

blocked gutters

Keeping your home’s roofline in order is imperative for keeping your home in good condition and avoiding expensive repairs. One important part of your home’s roofline are the gutters. Their role is to divert excess water into downpipes, steering it away from your home. This is important because, if water is left to build up, your roof is susceptible to structural damage. Therefore, gutters must be kept in working order.

Over time, however, gutters can become blocked with a variety of organic – and sometimes man-made – substances. Fortunately, Roofline has the ideal solution for keeping your gutters clear, so they can keep your roof damage-free.

Hedgehog Gutter Brush

Roofline’s Hedgehog Gutter Brush is named as such for the fine polypropylene brush filaments that they’re equipped with, giving it an appearance similar to a hedgehog. They severely reduce the risk of materials building up in your gutters, so they can continue working as they should. The hedgehog gutter brush needs to be checked only twice a year or so too, lowering the amount of hassle required to keep your gutters in working order. Roofline’s expert team can install one quickly, so you can start reaping the benefits straightaway.

Now that we’ve had a look at the product itself, let’s look at exactly what it will keep out of your gutters:


Leaves are the most common gutter blocking material. And the more trees your home is surrounded by, the more likely it is they’ll find their way into your gutters. Not only do leaves cause blockages, they can cause a host of other things to build-up in them. One of which is weeds, which are a nightmare for making gutters appear unsightly.


Squirrels can also be an issue if you live near trees – not to mention birds, who take the build-up of leaves and organic material as perfect nest-making material. A hedgehog gutter guard reduces the build-up of such materials, putting off birds, squirrels and other canopy-dwelling animals.


hedgehog gutter guardSome roofs are more prone to moss build-up than others. If you notice that your roof is a major victim of this, a hedgehog gutter guard can do wonders for reducing it. However, if you find the problem is still prevalent, Roofline Solutions Home Improvements Ltd also offers a gutter cleaning service.

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