2 Home Products Inspired by Nature

hedgehog gutter guard

At times, nature and ingenuity seemingly go hand in hand. Whether they’re a reaction to the impact upon nature, or they’re directly inspired by it, a range of nature inspired home products are now available. And here at Roofline, we’ve got 2 riveting examples for you to look at.

Hedgehog Gutter Guard

Inspired by the prickly appearance of hedgehogs, a Hedgehog Gutter Guard fits snugly in your guttering, protecting them from any debris that comes their way. For installations in exposed areas or flat roofs, clips are available to ensure an even securer fit. Clogged guttering can cause external damage to your property and, if left too long, structural damage too. Ideally, gutters should be cleared out twice a year, however, with a Hedgehog Gutter Guard, they only need to be checked occasionally. Providing protection to households and reducing labour times/costs, the Hedgehog Gutter Guard from Roofline is a highly effective innovation.

Available in 3 colours suitable for most guttering styles and shapes:
• Black
• White
• Brown

Rainwater harvesting tanks

The potential environmental damage caused by fossil fuels has contributed to the rise of more sustainable energy sources. One particular example, which harnesses the power of nature, is rainwater harvesting. Often installed underground, in order to remain cool, rainwater harvesting tanks collect and filter rainwater from your roof. Rainwater is then stored, where it can be used later around your home. It is commonly used for toilets, washing machines and the garden, making your home more sustainable and reducing bills.

Nature has played an important role inspiring some innovative home products. These 3 examples are by no means extensive; there are a number similarly fascinating innovations on the market. A passion for creative, and helpful, home solutions is shared by us here at Roofline. If you’d like to find out more about the services and products we offer here, please get in touch today. You can call us on 01252 852 336 or send us an online message.