How are gutter and fascia lengths joined together

When replacing fascia boards or gutters, it makes sense to do both at the same time. This is because the gutters are attached to the fascia boards so they need removing in order to remove the fascias. Therefore, it makes more sense to replace them as well.

When replacing them, individual fascia boards are fitted together and then the gutters are attached to them. Here’s how the gutter and fascia lengths are joined together:

Joining fascia lengths together

There are no industry regulations for doing this. However, as we’ve been installing high-quality roofline components since 2002, we’ve developed our own effective method for it. This method is as follows:

  • Join the different ends of the fascia boards at the end of a timber rafter using a stainless or galvanised fixing. When doing this, however, there should be an 8-10mm gap between the two ends.
  • Next, conceal the area where the different ends of the fascia board meet and the fixings by fitting a fascia cover joiner over the top of them.
  • After doing this, independently anchor the fascia joiner cover to the end of the timber rafter using the same fixings that were used to secure the fascia into position. When doing this, make sure to do so at the same centres because this will ensure the joint is structurally sound. This also makes the joint less intrusive, so it looks more appealing.

Many installers believe it is acceptable to use super glue to quickly fix a fascia joint in between the rafter. However, this results in fascia joints that have poor structural integrity and look untidy, especially in comparison to our method.

Fascias attached to gutters in white uPVCAttaching gutters to the fascia boards

After fixing the fascia boards in place, the next step is attaching the gutters to them. To do this, fixings that carry the guttering must be fitted to the fascias. However, every rainwater system has its own manufacturer’s specification for how far apart the fixings should be. These spacings are often calculated at the maximum distance to reduce wastage or cost, and it is essential for them to be adhered to, never exceeded.

fascias connected with guttersHowever, here at Roofline Solutions, we generally fit fixing brackets 100mm closer together than the manufacturer’s specification. We do this because the closer the fittings are together, the better supported the gutters are. The better supported they are, the more likely they’re able to endure severe winds, heavy rainfall and other adverse weather conditions.

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