How do I stop condensation in my loft?

Condensation in the loft is becoming a problem for countless homeowners. The issue is that an excess of condensation can cause rot to set in. Whether it’s wet rot, dry rot or black spot mould, all can end up doing serious structural damage to the roof. So, how do you stop condensation from accumulating in the loft before it’s too late?

What causes condensation in the loft?

There are two reasons why you may experience condensation in your loft:

  • Insufficient insulation
  • Insufficient ventilation

Condensation in the loft is caused by an excess of moisture in the air, combined with a lack of suitable air ventilation.  It may be that the roof vents are blocked, perhaps by an excess of storage boxes, or something else entirely. During many months of the year, lofts are also cooler than the rest of the house, causing humid air to settle on the loft’s surfaces’.  By ensuring lofts are adequately insulated you cut down on the risk of condensation.

An easy way to help the problem is by simply decluttering the space to allow air to circulate freely. However, other remedies will require the help of a professional roofline replacement service. Below are some of the services that can rectify issues with condensation.

Replacing your fascias and soffits

Fascia boards provide the fixing point for the gutter and support the bottom row of the roof’s tiles. Soffits are fixed underneath them, covering the eaves. Both are absolutely essential for keeping your home protected from the elements. If they are cracked or damaged in any way, they can easily allow moisture to get into the loft.

Replacing them with durable uPVC fascias and soffits will help to eradicate this problem. When undertaking replacement roofline, we would normally use over-fascia ventilation which is completely concealed and maintenance free.

Replacing your guttering

One of the major problems of faulty gutters is that they can prevent water from being safely carried away from the house. Water can pool and find its way into the loft, where it can fester and cause damp and mould to spread. Avoid this problem by replacing your guttering at the first sign of dysfunction.

Black gutter and white soffit

Installing an eaves protection system

This solid PVC sheet is fixed to the rafters under the tiles and on top of the fascias. This prevents the roofing felt from sagging and any water pooling, protecting the loft from rain water.

An eaves protection system

Quality roofline replacement for all types of property

Save your loft before it’s too late. Working across Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, Roofline Solutions install high-performance roofline products that help to combat condensation.

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