How long does it take to replace gutters?

For a simple semi-detached house with no access issues and straight gutter runs to the front and back, Roofline Solutions could replace all the gutters in half a day. However, the shape of the house and the required access equipment will affect the time it takes to perform gutter replacement. Therefore, the time it takes to replace gutters varies from property to property.

Factors that affect the time it takes to replace gutters:

Footprint of the house

Fitting gutters on a house which has lots of bends on it takes more time than it does on those with long, straight runs. Therefore, replacing the gutters on houses that are square or rectangular in shape tends to take less time.

The required access equipment

Access to the gutters might be blocked by a conservatory or extension, some large foliage or even a neighbouring property. In some cases, this means scaffolding or a spider lift will need to be set up, which will take some time. When access is less inhibited, we’re able to use ladders and our own access towers.

The type of product

Quite simply, some of our guttering products take longer to fit than others.

Our process for gutter replacement:

Square white gutter For the first part of replacing any gutters, our team of experts perform a site survey of the property. This involves measuring the amount of guttering and assessing access requirements. Once we’ve established both of these things, we discuss the preferred style of guttering and any other requirements with the homeowner.

Next, we set up any required access equipment. Which access equipment we use will depend on the layout of the property, if access is restricted at all and if so, how much it is restricted and in what way.

Once the access equipment has been set up safely, we begin removing the existing guttering and fitting the new replacement guttering. We would generally do this one elevation at a time.

Professional gutter replacement in Surrey, Berkshire & Hampshire

Roofline Solutions Home Improvements provide a professional gutter replacement service. We can replace a full gutter system or an individual area with durable, low maintenance uPVC gutter products, which are available in a range of styles to suit any individual requirements. For anyone after a high-performance rainwater system, we also fit aluminium seamless gutters. Are your gutters in need of replacing? Give us a call on 01252 852 336 or get a free quote from us today.