What is blocking my downpipe & how do I clear it?

Downpipes transport the water that is collected in the guttering into a drain or gulley. A common site for blockages, once a downpipe has become blocked, a host of issues can occur. As we’ve been clearing, replacing and installing gutter systems for over 17 years, we’ve found some common culprits for downpipe blocking during this time. Here is what could be blocking your downpipe and how to clear it.

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Common causes of a blocked downpipe

Blocked Downpipe

  • Leaves – the most common of all gutter blocking materials, homes that are surrounded by numerous trees are at an increased risk of leaves blocking their downpipe/gutters.
  • Moss – It’s very common for moss to form on the roof because of the moisture in the tiles and the shade that is sometimes offered by nearby trees. Unfortunately, however, it also tends to find its way into the downpipes.
  • Plants – a build-up of organic material in the gutter encourages the growth of plants, which we end up clearing out.
  • Tennis balls – whether they come from neighbouring properties or from children playing in the garden, we’re not sure. But, we do know that we’ve cleared away a lot of them down the years.
  • Broken tiles and roofing cement – roof tiles have to withstand a lot of wear and tear due to their continual exposure to the weather. This causes some of them to break and fall into the guttering, often bringing roofing cement along too.
  • Sticks/twigs – another common site in the downpipes, the more trees that are nearby, the more sticks and twigs we end up removing.
  • Pine needles – the needles from pine trees are quite small individually but large volumes of them can easily block the downpipes.

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How to clear your blocked downpipe

In order to clear your downpipe, we recommend removing any downpipe bends where possible (particularly at the top and bottom) and clearing them. However, we can do this for you instead, as part of our gutter clearing service.

Gutter clearance involves the use of a SkyVac vacuum clearing system, which ensures the maximum amount of debris is removed from the guttering. This allows them to operate at optimal efficiency. Once we’ve cleared your system, we can carry out a free inspection of your gutters and downpipes too. During this inspection, we’ll check for any damage and leaks, providing you with guidance on how to get the best out of your rainwater system.

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Gutter cleaning from Roofline Solutions

Gutter cleaning We also offer a separate gutter cleaning service, which involves cleaning the exterior part of guttering systems to make them look more visually appealing.

Preventing downpipes from blocking

Whilst our gutter clearing and gutter cleaning services will restore your gutters back to working order, prevention is always better than cure. For this reason, we recommend you consider our Hedgehog Gutter Guard. These sit in your guttering, making it considerably more difficult for leaves and other debris to accumulate. This significantly reduces the likelihood of them becoming blocked.

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