Winter is coming: How to prevent gutter damage from snow

A picture of a home covered in snow
Although winter comes with a pleasant moment or two, usually in the form of Christmas, the weather that accompanies the season tends to be pretty dreadful. Not just for living creatures but for houses too. For instance, harsh winds and snowy/icy weather can take a serious toll on your gutters, which can lead to further problems down the line. Therefore, it’s important you’re aware of how to prevent gutter damage from the snow. So as experts on the subject, we thought we’d give you the information you need to protect yours this winter.

Keep those gutters clear

Gutters that are kept clear from debris are less likely to suffer damage from ice and snow. This is because any blockages can prevent the flow of water, causing water to build up in your guttering. Once the weather turns freezing, these pools of water will eventually turn to snow and ice. Because the autumn leaves have not long fallen, your gutters are likely fuller than at any other time of year. Therefore, it’s important you clear your gutters promptly. If you don’t fancy clearing them yourself, Roofline Solutions provide a gutter clearing service. Once clear, you could consider fitting a gutter guard to help to keep your gutters free from debris.

Clear your roof too

Over time, roof moss, leaves and other debris can fall into your gutters leading to blockages. However, any snow can do the same therefore it’s important you clear your roof once snow looks likely.

Ensure gutters are fixed securely

Any snow and ice that finds its way into your gutters will weigh them down. Eventually, this may lead to the gutter coming away from your roof, especially if they are not fastened securely. To check if they are properly secured, examine how they are attached to the fascias. Additionally, check for any areas of sagging and if the gutters have started to come away from the side of your home. If a gap is present between the gutters and fascia, there is a risk of gutter damage occurring.

Have some aluminium seamless gutters installed

Aluminium seamless gutters are designed to reduce the formation of snow and ice, more so than seamed gutters. For anyone with seamed gutters, consider replacing them with seamless variants before the cold truly sets in. They offer long-lasting protection for any home and they are available in 5 different colours (with a 25yr BBA colourfast guarantee).


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If you have concerns that your gutters are unable to contend with the snow, Roofline Solutions can help; we can either clear them for you or install a new guttering system altogether. For more information, call 01252 852 336 or message us online.