Are your roof tiles missing or damaged? Roofline Solutions can help!

Damaged roofing felt replacement, new soil pipe collar and ridge tile rebedding in AltonAlthough we are well known for our ability to restore the area just below the roof (the roofline), if your roof tiles are missing or damaged, we can help you out here too. Provided you have hired us to replace an area of your roofline or the whole thing, we can also fix up any missing or damaged roof tiles as an additional service. We offer a range of tiling repair works that we can perform in conjunction with roofline replacement:

  • Replacing broken slate roof tiles and plain tiles
  • Re-bedding or replacing ridge or hip tiles
  • Repairing or replacing face hanging tiles
  • Rebuilding cement verges
  • Fitting dry cloak verge covers
  • Repairing or replacing roof valleys

If you’d like any of these types of work doing in conjunction with replacing your roofline, our surveyor will come to your home, perform an assessment of what needs doing and provide you with a free quotation. Once the work is agreed upon, we will carry this out too.

It is worth noting that all tiling works are subject to the availability of the tiles. This is because some types may have been discontinued. We will always try to source exact match tiles, but where this is not possible, we will discuss the best way forward with you and, in conjunction with you, find the closest match in terms of style and colour. So, that you are happy with the end result.

Benefits of replacing or repairing roof tiles

There are two main benefits of repairing or replacing roof tiles:

Protection – the main purpose of roof tiles is to prevent rain from getting into your property. Therefore, broken or missing tiles increase the possibility of your property becoming water damaged.

Aesthetics – whilst a replacement roofline will improve the look of your home, it won’t look as good sitting below a roof that has missing or damaged tiles. However, by repairing or replacing damaged or missing roof tiles, in conjunction with a new roofline, will ensure your home looks as good as possible.

How do roof tiles become damaged?

Over the years, roof tiles endure an onslaught of wind, rain, sun and whatever else the weather throws at them. So, it is inevitable that some will eventually become damaged or fall off.

If you have moss on your roof tiles, there is a small chance of it damaging them too. This is because moss holds water, and when the water freezes, it can cause roof tiles to crack in extreme conditions. However, if you have moss on your roof and you’re worried about it damaging your tiles, or you just don’t like how it looks, we also offer a moss removal service.Moss removal service, before

Choose Roofline Solutions for roofline replacement and roof tile repairs

If your roofline needs replacement and you would like to restore your roof tiles too, give Roofline Solutions a call on 01252 852 336 or contact us online.