Why a roofline can make or break kerbside appeal


When people talk about kerbside appeal, they are referring to the impression given off by the exterior of your house. And as your roofline is one of the first things passers-by will notice, it plays a key role in determining their initial feelings about your property. But, rest assured. This short post will provide you with some important advice about how a roofline can make or break your kerbside appeal.

Gutters can be crucial

Guttering can be very important for determining kerbside appeal. Clogged or damaged gutters look untidy and can cause leakage, which leads to further external damage. If left for too long, they can even cause structural problems for your property. If this becomes the case, expensive repairs are likely just around the corner. Ideally, gutters should be cleared out once a year. However, with a Hedgehog Gutter Guard from Roofline, the risk of clogging is significantly reduced, so you can help your home to look good all year round.


An area of a home that hasn’t been cladded is susceptible to weather and water damage. If the exposed brickwork endures either for too long, it will begin to darken in colour and, in more extreme cases, pieces will begin to break off. Installing some UPVC cladding will help to prevent this; it’s virtually maintenance free and extremely resistant to both types of damage.

Entrance porches are important too

A flat roof porch is likely to be the first part of a roofline that is seen upon entering a home. This means it is likely to determine a guest’s initial opinion of your house. Flat roofs made from felt are prone to cracking during fascia replacement, which can look unsightly. Tiled roofs are also infamous for the build-up of moss that they endure. Both flat roof options, therefore, play a key role for determining kerbside appeal. Purchase a new or replacement felt roof from Roofline Solutions Home Improvements Ltd today and have your entranceway looking as nice as it can.

Fascias, Bargeboards & Soffits

Depending on the viewing angle of your home, passers-by will get a good look at either one or more of these components. If made from timber, prolonged weather exposure will cause the paintwork to peel away. Peeling paint is usually an early sign of rot. If rot continues to these areas, your roof timbers can be damaged, which leaves the roof vulnerable to entry by birds. And, generally, homes with birds travelling in and out them don’t tend to give off a positive impression to passers-by. Replacing these components with ultra-resistant uPVC versions will ensure that your home does not become a sanctuary for the local wildlife.

Having a sharp looking roofline is essential for maintaining good kerbside appeal. Update or repair yours today and keep your house looking up-to-date. For any roofline related queries, please feel free to contact one of experts at Roofline Solutions Home Improvements Ltd today.