Top cladding colours of 2021 (and our predictions for 2022)

The new year is upon us! At Roofline Solutions, we’re so excited to embark on another 12 months of providing top-quality cladding for our customers. But before we take the first steps into 2022, let’s take a moment to reflect on the most popular cladding colours of 2021. The colours our customers choose depend on the colour of their existing windows and the style of cladding. So, we’ll be breaking down the top colour choices for:

The best colours for smooth uPVC cladding

White – You can’t go wrong with white. Yet again, this classic colour proved immensely popular with homeowners throughout 2021. It’s timeless, bright and easy to maintain. As white is also one of the most popular window colours, it also fits in perfectly with a majority of UK neighbourhoods.

cladding-white-upvc cladding

Rosewood – For homeowners looking for more contrast, Rosewood proved to be an exceptionally popular shade. It gave their home’s exterior an intriguing and atmospheric appearance. Furthermore, from a distance, it bears the resemblance of real timber, helping to increase the property’s kerb appeal.

Rosewood Open Vee Cladding completed installation in Old Basing

upvc colour options

The top colours for embossed cladding

The woodgrain effect of embossed cladding enhances a whole range of beautiful colours. In 2021, the two most popular shades were:

Cream – A slight variation on the classic white, cream works perfectly with the timber-effect grain of embossed cladding. A prominent colour in homes during the Victorian period, cream has proved itself to be a popular shade for properties looking to secure that vintage feel.

Cream embossed completed uPVC cladding install

Light grey – 2021 was another year where grey was hugely popular. Homeowners across the UK love it for its seamless blend of traditional and modern aesthetics. It’s timeless enough to suit any neighbourhood, but also offers a level of contemporary style and sleekness to a home’s exterior.

light grey embossed cladding (2)

embossed cladding colours

The top colour for Coastline composite cladding

Without question, the number one colour for Coastline composite cladding in 2021 was:

Moondust grey – Here’s another stunning shade of grey that homeowners have loved. With its subtle blue tinge, it helps to bring out the very best of the Coastline woodgrain-effect design. The shade really helps to unlock the full aesthetic quality of Coastline composite cladding, without being too striking. For this reason, it’s no wonder that moondust grey has continued to be an extremely popular choice across the South East.

coastline composite cladding replacement

coastline cladding colours

Our predictions for 2022

Judging by the consistent popularity of grey cladding, we predict that 2022 will be another big year for all things monochrome. Homeowners tend to choose cladding that matches their current windows, fascias and soffits. Therefore, with the continued success of white and anthracite grey windows, grey shades are in the best position to capitalise. We may even see an increase in black cladding as an emerging trend.

High-quality uPVC and composite cladding

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