uPVC or aluminium guttering – which one is best?

Two common materials used for guttering are uPVC and aluminium. Whilst both do a more than adequate job of diverting excess water away from roofs, question marks remain over which material does so better. So, as we install and clear both materials, we at Roofline Solutions Home Improvements Ltd thought we’d take a closer look at them, to help you decide which is best for you.

Aluminium Guttering

uPVC guttering in rainy weather

  • Aluminium gutters are typically more expensive to purchase than uPVC versions. However, aluminium guttering is expected to last for 30 years, which is longer than the life expectancy of the uPVC equivalent. Therefore, they may constitute better value in the long run.
  • The material used to construct Roofline’s aluminium seamless guttering systems is 100% recyclable, which is ideal for those who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Aluminium is an incredibly robust material, although minor cosmetic damage, such as dents and scratches are more likely to appear on them than on uPVC gutters.
  • With 5 colour options to choose from, there are shades available to suit most types of property, although Roofline recommends them for use on detached properties, new developments and commercial installations.
  • As a result of the seamless technology, it’s highly unlikely that any joints will splinter, or screws and bolts will wear away. Therefore, any leakages or failures to the guttering are highly unlikely, even after a sustained period of time.
  • Both aluminium and uPVC are low maintenance materials, meaning maintaining the external appearance of either guttering systems requires only minimal upkeep.

uPVC Guttering

  • As they’re made from moulded plastic, uPVC guttering has no seams and requires no paint, meaning the chance of them corroding over time is very low. However, their colour may fade somewhat after years of continuous weather exposure and the rubber seals may deteriorate.
  • uPVC guttering is cheaper to install than the aluminium equivalent, which is ideal for anyone who is operating on a budget. They are also more compatible with other guttering systems if your property is attached to another building.
  • There’s a range of different styles to choose from, including Half Round, Deepflow and Ogee. Whilst there are differences in their appearance, certain styles, such as DeepFlow, are ideal for diverting larger volumes of water. Deepflow gutters are suitable for roofs with large surface areas, such as commercial buildings or larger detached properties.

Looking for a new or replacement guttering system for your property? We offer expert replacement & installation of our premium guttering & downpipe products. Roofline Solutions Home Improvements Ltd can install either uPVC or aluminium, depending on your preference and the suitability of the product to the property. We recommend that we replace your fascia at the same time as having gutters fitted, however, we can fix guttering to existing fascia if required. Our experienced surveyors will be able to advise you. For more information or a quote, get in touch today.