uPVC roofline vs timber: which one is best?

White fascia and soffit with black gutter and downpipesTraditionally, a property’s roofline would be constructed from timber, a good choice considering its stylish looks and practical qualities. Today, however, uPVC roofline is the most popular option. So, which is best, the classic or modern choice? As Surrey and Hampshire’s leading roofline specialists, we’ve decided to compare the two options to find out:

Will timber roofline last longer than uPVC?

Provided wooden fascias, soffits and bargeboards are properly taken care of, they can last well. However, our uPVC roofline has the potential to last more than 60 years, so there is very little separating the two in terms of lifespan.

Does uPVC roofline require less maintenance than timber?

To stop timber from rotting and to protect it from insect attack, it needs to be retreated periodically. If you were to carry this out yourself, not only is this job time-consuming but you would also have to be able to access all of the fascias and soffits safely to be able to paint them. It’s likely that you would need to prime them first before painting, which may need two coats or more. Plus, you would also need to purchase materials such as brushes, paints and sheets to protect the area. The job itself can be very messy too, as you need to rub-down the surface prior to any treatment and you would need to protect the walls and floor from any paint splashes.

An alternative to treating timber fascia and soffits yourself is to pay a professional to carry out the works, which can be costly. uPVC roofline, on the contrary, never requires any retreatment to ensure it lasts. Plus, to keep it looking its best, all it requires is the occasional clean using a soft cloth and soapy water. Therefore, it can save you time, effort and money.

Which type of roofline looks the best?

A modern home with traditional bargeboard and uPVC guttersThis really does depend on the type of property and individual taste. Many people prefer the traditional appearance of wood on period or character properties, however, you can achieve the same look with uPVC. Our foiled finishes emulate the appearance of timber right down to the wood grain. Foiled finishes come in a variety of shades too, including:

  • Rosewood
  • Mahogany
  • Light Oak
  • Irish Oak

uPVC roofline also comes in a selection of modern finishes so it can look just as good on homes built in the Victorian period as it does on contemporary properties.

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