What is a rainwater hopper?

Traditionally, rainwater hoppers, which are also known by the term ‘hopper head’, sit at the top of the drainpipe and their purpose is to increase water flow during periods of heavy rainfall. Generally, drainpipes are only a third full when diverting water away, but the hopper enables them to reach capacity. So, larger volumes of water can be diverted.

In modern times, however, they’re mostly used when the standard connection to a drainpipe isn’t suitable for the application. Examples of this include when there is a waterspout in use or there are multiple gutter runs going into one drainpipe. They can also be used to provide a decorative touch to the outside of a property.

There are various types of them available and these differ in terms of appearance. They also come in different sizes to suit a property’s flow requirements. We’ve covered the different types of hopper to give you an idea of what’s on offer from them:

Cast iron rainwater hopperCast iron effect rainwater hopper in black

Cast iron rainwater hoppers are perfect for older properties, listed buildings and others that have more traditional features.

Here at Roofline Solutions, we install cast-iron effect uPVC guttering and drainpipe systems. These come with hoppers which look just like the real thing. However, because they’re built from high-quality uPVC and not cast iron, they’re lighter, more cost-effective and they won’t rust.

Aluminium rainwater hopper

These hoppers work perfectly in conjunction with our seamless aluminium guttering systems. As these systems can divert large volumes of water, they’re ideal for detached properties, new developments, commercial properties and others with larger roofing areas.

uPVC rainwater hopper

uPVC is a low maintenance material that also happens to be extremely durable. For this reason, it’s an excellent material for use in the construction of hopper heads. Here at Roofline Solutions, we install a range of uPVC guttering systems along with various hoppers to complement them.

Pyramid/cone shaped rainwater hoppers

White Cast Iron Effect Hopper coned Known for their inverted pyramid/coneshape and larger capacity, these hoppers are great for when lots of water requires safely diverting away from a property. They’re decorative too, so they add a nice touch to any guttering system.

Square/rectangular rainwater hoppers

2 black square rainwater hoppersThis type of outlet has a rectangular front with square sides. They’re also generally suited to more standard applications which don’t require a high capacity rainwater system.

It’s also important to bear in mind that each of the different styles of rainwater hopper come in various sizes and in a selection of colour finishes.

Guttering installations with complementary hoppers from Roofline

We are now operating as normal. We have adapted our practices and procedures in line with HM Government’s advice to ensure we are COVID-19 secure and we can work safely in other people’s homes. Here at Roofline Solutions, we can install a wide range of high-quality guttering systems with a range of hoppers, for more information, give us a call on 01252 852 336 or contact us online.