What’s in store for the roofline products market in 2018?


Roofline Solutions Home Improvements Ltd make a point of staying on top of fast-moving industry trends. You see, though you might not think, every year brings with it a new raft of factors to consider for the home improvement industry, and one area unsurprisingly affected is that of your property’s roofline. So, what will we be focussing on this 2018? Read on to find out more.

Continuing to inform homeowners about the importance of a healthy roofline

First and foremost, one mission statement that never changes for us here at Roofline is our continuing mission to relay how important it is to keep a tidy roofline. Without it, homeowners will be leaving their properties open to harsh levels of water damage, potentially causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage if not successfully maintained.

At its most extreme, an uncared for guttering system can even result in rodent, pest, and mould infestation. This can then lead to cracks in the foundation of the home, leaving it open to further instances of wear and tear. So, to reiterate once again, 2018 will be another year in which we’ll continue to preach how important avoiding all these instances are!

Staying strong during the uncertainty of Brexit

One big spanner that remains in the works for the entire construction and home improvement industry as a whole, is the oncoming of Brexit. Simply put, the implications of the British people’s decision to leave the European Union throws up some still-unknown variables. Variables we’ll have a better idea of by the time we leave in 2019.

It was only a short time ago – in 2010 – that CE Marking was introduced for home improvement products, with the label replacing the previously much-loved and respected British Kitemark. While all our fascias, soffits, and guttering meet these standards, we are primed to expect a whole new testing system which might require us to submit our products for an entirely separate accreditation.

Innovative products that take rooflines from good to great

In addition to these two forward-thinking steps, we’ll continue to offer homeowners the very best uPVC fascia and soffit boards, all while keeping an eye out for new guttering innovations we expect will make themselves known at UK Construction Week. While quite weird in theory, our hedgehog gutter guards are a great example of the kinds of things that can be achieved when thinking outside of the box.

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